Don’t fear hard times, the best comes from them.

ASPERA TEMPORA part 1 – the new album – released Oct,31 2020

available on :

BTF                www.btf.it

GT Music        www.gtmusic.it

MaRaCash      www.maracash.com

Pick Up           www.pickuprecords.it

Syn-Phonic    http://www.synphonicmusic.com

and on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Music, Google Play

  1. qirsh says:

    sola andata on ProgArchives website, great review …. four stars !!!


  2. peterpatti says:

    Presto una recensione di ‘Aspera Tempora – parte 1’ sarà pubblicata su
    ‘Prog Bar Italia’


    Stay tuned!

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